fix your saas content marketing strategy to differentiate your brand

Tired of Your SaaS Content Marketing Strategy Falling Flat? Here’s How to Fix It

Generic content isn't enough to stand out in the crowded SaaS market. Are you tired of your content falling flat? Discover unique strategies to create SaaS content marketing that gets noticed and drives results.

In the competitive world of SaaS content marketing, creating content that cuts through the noise is tough!

It feels like every topic has been covered a thousand times, and offering generic advice or regurgitating what your competitors are saying simply won’t make you memorable.

But as a micro-SaaS, standing out is crucial. You don’t have the massive marketing budgets of industry giants to rely on.

That’s why I’m sharing ways to infuse your SaaS content marketing strategy with the distinct value your brand offers.

We’ll uncover how to focus on what makes you different, attract the right kind of customer, and build a brand voice that resonates within your niche.

Know Your “Why” Before the “What”

A clear SaaS content marketing strategy helps you focus on what makes you different.

Too often, SaaS teams fall into the trap of focusing on content types first – we need a blog, some videos, etc. – without defining the core message they want to convey.

Let’s tackle this in the right order to ensure your content has impact:

Know Your Differentiator.

What makes you truly different, beyond mere feature lists? Is it deep niche expertise, personalized support, etc.?

Here’s an example: You offer AI copywriting but focus on long-form SEO content, not just social snippets. The type of content that reflects depth.

Now, many AI tools are code-heavy. You’re no-code, making your content accessible to non-technical marketers.

Focus on Customer Pain Points. 

Where do you solve problems in a way competitors don’t? Make this your SaaS content marketing lens.

For instance: Generic AI writing churns out content but lacks SEO focus. You bridge that gap, educating users on best practices.

Another one: AI for image generation is hot… but your tool helps e-commerce stores specifically, addressing their unique needs. That’s worth talking about in-depth!

Showcase Your Brand Personality.

Inject this! Techy SaaS can still be fun, approachable… whatever aligns with who you are.

Case in point: AI can be intimidating and yet your brand is playful, so you can ease audiences’ anxieties with “AI for dummies” type content.

Also: You’re hyper-focused on accuracy, building trust in AI output. Your content is serious, data-driven, etc.

unique saas content strategy formats to use

Unique SaaS Content Marketing Strategy Formats to Stand Out

In the crowded SaaS landscape, it takes more than well-written blog posts to capture attention. While blogs are a key piece of the content puzzle, they’re just the start.

To truly differentiate your brand and connect with potential customers, it’s time to expand your content horizons. Here are some unique formats to consider:

Customer Success Stories

Go deeper than case studies and tell transformation stories that your clients have achieved with you in a compelling way.

Instead of focusing solely on metrics, craft a customer success story like a mini-documentary. 

Highlight the challenges your customer faced, how your solution helped them overcome them, and the tangible impact it had on their business.

This humanizes your SaaS and demonstrates its value in a compelling, relatable manner.

“Behind the Scenes” Content

Showing your process, team, and values – this builds trust, especially as a smaller company. Give your audience a peek behind the curtain.

Share snippets of how your SaaS is developed, introduce team members, or offer glimpses of your company culture.

Transparency builds trust and helps potential customers connect with your brand on a personal level.

Thought Leadership with Personality

Share bold opinions and predictions for your niche, or disagree with common takes respectfully.  Don’t be afraid to express your unique insights and perspectives!

Establish yourself as an expert in your field by offering hot takes, informed predictions, or even respectfully challenging industry norms.

Just ensure your opinions are backed by data or solid reasoning to build credibility.

Interactive Content

Try creating calculators, quizzes, etc. that are directly tied to the pain point your SaaS solves (this increases engagement).

People love engaging with content rather than merely reading it. Develop interactive tools that directly address the challenges your target audience faces.

Perhaps a ROI calculator for your solution, or a quiz to help them assess their need for your type of software. This not only drives engagement but also positions you as a helpful resource.

Content Distribution: Be Where Competitors Aren’t (and Where Your Ideal Customers Are)

The best SaaS content marketing strategy is useless if no one sees your content. But where should you distribute your SaaS content to reach the right people?

Here’s how to strategically go beyond the obvious channels:

Join Niche Communities

Find subreddits, forums, etc., where your ideal customers hang out. Share genuinely, not just promo.

Here are some examples you can start looking at:

  • Subreddits like /r/SEO, /r/micro_saas, or industry-specific ones your target market frequents.
  • Discord servers focused on AI tools, or the tech stack your SaaS integrates with.

Pro Tip: Become an active community member first. Build trust before plugging your SaaS shamelessly.

Partner Up

Collaborate with non-competitors on content, and tap into each other’s audiences. A couple of ideas:

  • Partner with an email marketing SaaS on a webinar about AI subject lines. Both audiences benefit.
  • Guest post on blogs popular with your target customer (ex: content marketers, if that’s your niche focus).

Pro Tip: Think about the tools your ideal customer already uses in their workflow – those are potential partners.

Look for “Micro” Influencers

In your space, smaller, engaged followings can be more valuable than big names.

For instance, consider a reputable SEO blogger with a niche audience. They may be a better fit than a generic tech influencer.

Also, look for Twitter (X) accounts, YouTube channels, etc., specializing in the type of content your AI tool helps create.

Pro Tip: Engagement rate matters more than follower count. Look for genuine interaction in the comments.

Keep this in mind: Always tailor your content to the platform’s norms! A Reddit post shouldn’t read like a LinkedIn article, and so on.

Stand Out, But Stay True to Your SaaS

The temptation to chase every content trend is real, especially in a buzzword-filled space like “AI-powered SaaS” for instance.

But does trying to be everything to everyone dilute your message, making you just more noise in the market?

Here’s how to balance differentiation with the fundamentals of content that actually converts:

Solve, Don’t Sell

Always make it about the customer first, your SaaS is the natural solution to their problem. This focus on customer problems should be at the heart of your SaaS content marketing strategy.

Do: Focus content on easing writer’s block, boosting SEO rankings… the pain points your tool addresses.

Don’t: Constant “Look what our AI can do!” without connecting it to a tangible customer benefit.

Quality Always Matters

A few truly unique pieces will outperform generic content churned out for the sake of volume.

Do: One in-depth case study showing how your AI tool led to an SEO traffic boost is worth more than 10 vague blog posts.

Always Do: Be transparent about your AI’s limitations – this builds trust if done honestly, and sets you apart.

Experiment and Track

What resonates with your specific audience? Data helps you refine your strategy over time. Are explainer videos about AI basics getting traction? Do more! If memes fall flat, ditch them.

Pro Tip: Track engagement metrics beyond views – did content lead to demos, trials, based on source? That’s key.

Key Takeaway: Your SaaS itself may be your biggest differentiator. Your SaaS content marketing strategy should emphasize how you provide solutions in unique ways.

Feeling Stuck? Let’s Find Your Unique Content Voice

Sometimes you need an outside perspective to see what makes your SaaS special. That’s where my team at Vigital Inc. shines!

We specialize in SaaS content marketing strategy, helping you break away from the pack. Book a free consultation and let’s explore how to make your content work harder. 

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