About Us

Our Mission

Digital marketing tools are confusing. That confusion is disproportionately keeping millions of diverse brands and stories from being represented on the internet daily. Vigital’s streamlined approach to growing market presence will help thousands of MBE brands expand their digital presence in a fair, cost effective way. The internet should serve everyone equally – we’re here to make sure it serves you.

About The Team

The Vigital team represents over 20 years of international digital branding expertise. From working with Fortune 1000 brands on digital transformation projects to small businesses seeking local market visibility, Vigital was formed under the evergreen principals that can help any organization achieve growth in the digital age:

Serve the mission first: DUTY

We add color, flavor, diversity, education, and innovation to every aspect of a client’s marketing program. Expect messaging, images, videos, sounds, & product ideology to reflect a fresh perspective and differentiated approach.

Respect the past, create the future: INNOVATION

Marketing changes frequently. Some strategies are evergreen, and some are fads. We add a healthy mix of Old & New marketing tactics to every campaign and assess results quarterly to keep ideas fresh and our clients on the forefront of innovation at all times.

Respect the client, Respect the customer: RESPECT

We serve clients who serve customers. Leave no one out of the success story.

Mastery takes a full day: MASTERY

Our goal is mastery – we want our clients to feel like they work with the best. We continuously search for ways to improve process, skill, and knowledge to benefit our organization and clients equally.

The Vigital strategy focuses on developing fully-digital marketing experiences that promote brand loyalty and lifelong engagement. We’ve personally used hundreds of marketing products, wide-ranging in capabilities, and narrowed down the fundamentals into a single system to help you reach your goals effectively.

James, CEO of Vigital LLC., has 14+ years of experience building successful digital marketing products in six different industries including; finance, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, technology, and home improvement. He guides Vigital LLC’s mission and using his experience and mastery in web development, advertising, and SEO to grow brands.

Our Services


Media Buying

Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram Advertising


Keyword, Competitor, Content, Social, and Organic strategy development and execution

Explainer Video

Create a unique animated video that explains your services in an more engaging way.

Social Media Marketing

Community Development. Follower Growth.

Video Marketing

Advertising, Vlogs, Live events, etc.

E-commerce Solutions

Product Marketing, Launch Strategy, Pre-Sales, Email Marketing.

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