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Content Kit

Turn clicks into customers with ready-to-publish blogs, social posts, ad copy, email copy, lead magnets
and video content delivered monthly.

Content (Automation) is still King

Fully automate your monthly content production, from audience research through copy and design. Go-to-market 3X faster with quality content optimized for every channel. 

Publish More

Attract quality traffic and leads with more web presence. 

Engage More

84% of SaaS buyers conduct 2-3 months of research before the 1st demo.

Save More

Get a high-performance content engine at competitive pricing. 

30 Days of Customized Content Delivered Ready-to-Publish

We’ve scaled content for major brands for over a decade. With just a few clicks, you can automate this strategy and achieve guaranteed success in just 30 days.

Thought Leadership

Build a loyal audience with daily doses of educational content.

Lead Generation

Drive leads with fresh, irresistible lead magnet OFFERS every month.


Sales Enablement

Nurture captured leads with email, newsletter, remarketing and webinar content.

Automate Web Lead Generation Content in Just 3 Easy Steps

Say goodbye to costly fulfillment processes and the outdated marketing agency model.
Simply subscribe, provide a few details, and never worry about your content calendar again.

Select a Subscription

Fill out a simple form about your target audience, your brand, and your goals, and instantly launch your custom project dashboard.

Approve Your Content

Review your 30-day content calendar & strategy guide within 24 hours. Approve and make content suggestions from your dashboard.

Download & Publish

Download 30 days' worth of blog, social, email, and advertising assets. Publish when you're ready to generate leads!

AI-Powered Content Automation Designed to Pack Sales Pipelines​

SEO Blog Calendar

AI Content Automation for SEO Blogs

Newsletter Content

Lead Magnets

Social Posts

Persona / Audience Research

Powered by Decades of Agency Content
Development Experience

Meet the innovators at the helm of Vigital, a groundbreaking
marketing productized-service agency.

James Mentor

Head of Operations

Orchestrated demand generation campaigns that boosted multiple SaaS brands to over $10 million in annual recurring revenue.

Kriska Ylagan

Head of Content

Over 10 years of experience leading scaled portfolio SEO, PPC, SMM, and content strategy at an 8-figure agency.

The Process

Your 30-Day Custom Lead Generation Content Kit features comprehensive market analysis and strategy documents including: Ideal Customer Profile avatar & research, niche audience analysis, competitor analysis, scheduling and publishing guides, and more. Each step is powered by AI and designed to create a unique lead attraction engine that supports your go-to-market strategy


Leveraging proprietary AI prompt engineering software DemandHarvest™, we research and identify target audience segments, channel competitors and your unique market growth opportunities.


We outline a content calendar with topics, formats, and distribution channels aligned with your goals.


We use an intent-focused approach to improve organic search visibility, including keyword research and optimization, meta tags, and descriptions, to adhere to Google's latest recommendations.


Your blogs, social posts, email campaigns, infographics, and visual content are developed and prepared for publishing.

Video Editing / Production

Long-form video content is cut into short, engaging content suitable for social media and website use.

Included only with certain tiers


Download your content as you go or all at once each month. Each download includes the recommended publishing cycle for best results.


From when you’re just starting out to when you’re ready to be the next thought leader in your industry.

Essential Content

For startups or small businesses stepping into the spotlight.
$ 1,995
  • 4 Top Funnel blog / article posts
  • 20 cross-platform social media posts
  • 2 engaging newsletter email blasts

Core Content

For Businesses on the grow, looking to make some noise and gather a crowd.
$ 2,899
  • 12 mid-funnel blog / article posts
  • 48 cross-platform social media posts
  • 30 day email nurture campaign
  • 4 email newsletter blasts

Thought Leadership

For the disruptors aiming for significant market share.
$ 5,997
  • 20 in-depth, expert blog posts
  • 80 cross-platform social media posts
  • 30 day email nurture campaign
  • 5 email newsletter blasts
  • Monthly Video Content Campaigns

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SaaS and SMB Tested

Hundreds of content program success factors tested. Millions in revenue generated.

Membership Benefits

You may never need to go anywhere else for your content strategy needs.

Expert Webinars and Workshops

Learn directly from industry experts through monthly or quarterly webinars and workshops. These can cover various topics, from content strategy and SEO best practices to the latest digital marketing trends.

Unlimited Content Requests

Subscribers can request specific topics for upcoming content pieces or workshops, ensuring your content kit remains aligned strategically.

Early Access Bonus Rates

Get early access and ability influence new features, tools, or services before they’re rolled out to the broader market.

Priority Support

Enjoy daily access to priority support, fast response times, and direct communication with your content creator directly from your customized dashboard.

All the content you'll ever need, to generate leads you need.

The Beginner's Guide
to Content Automation for SaaS & Agency Owners

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5 Steps to Thought Leadership for Your Technical SEO Agency

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our content packages are designed with SaaS top-to-middle funnel strategy in mind and then customized around your initial intake form submission. Our AI (proprietary software) blends SEO-optimized writing, engaging social media posts, and strategic email marketing to not just meet, but exceed your demand generation goals.
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Each piece of content we produce and mark “ready to publish” in your dashboard are subject to unlimited revisions. Make as many suggestions as needed before approval.
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Once you subscribe, you’ll be directed to a detailed intake form about your product, brand, tone, and objectives. This ensures every piece of content we deliver resonates with your brand identity and speaks directly to your audience.
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You’ll receive a 30 day proposed content calendar within 48 hours of your subscription or monthly renewal date. You can expect to receive your content within 2-4 weeks from your start date, depending on the complexity and volume of the content requested.
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Success metrics can vary based on goals, but we often look at website traffic, engagement rates, lead generation, and conversion metrics. We provide guides on how to properly navigate performance reporting using FREE analytics tools like GA4, Search Console, etc. Detailed tracking and implementation assistance is offered on enterprise tiers.
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Your content will be crafted by a team of experienced copy writers, advertisers, social media specialists, email marketers, and AI prompt engineers all of whom have expertise in creating content for SaaS and SMBs.
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Of course! We encourage your feedback at every stage and will not publish anything until you’re completely satisfied with the final product.
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We offer revisions to tweak and refine the content until it meets your expectations. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
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Yes, our Thought Leadership package includes 1 monthly by-request session. We also provide monthly free trainings for all subscribers.
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Your card on file will be charged monthly until you pause or cancel your subscription from your dashboard.
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Our packages are flexible with no long-term commitment required. However, for best results, we recommend at least a 3-month engagement.
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Definitely! We understand that your needs may change, and our packages are designed to scale up or down to match your business’s growth and marketing demands.
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Smash any one of the “get started” buttons and complete the transaction. You’ll instantly launch your customized dashboard and a link to your initial intake form. You can choose to schedule a 15-minute onboarding consultation to discuss custom requirements before subscribing.
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Great question! We specialize in content for SaaS and SMBs across various industries. Our team is skilled in adapting tone, style, and content to fit your specific niche. We’ve had the most experience with Fin-Tech, Mar-Tech, Cybersecurity-Tech, Event-Tech, and Med-Tech niches.
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No problem! We can tailor a custom package to accommodate any volume of content you need. Book a 15-minute pre-onboarding call to tell us more about your project.

Still have questions? Book a 15-minute chat today!